Our business

In business for nearly 10 years, Concept Pro-Metal can deliver and install anywhere in the Outaouais area and outside the region. Its dynamic and creative team always pays attention to customers and is constantly innovating. In fact, Concept Pro-Metal is inspired by its clients to manufacture parts and custom structures—on site or in our facilities!

The company, with expertise gained over the years, offers durable solutions by conducting on-site installations and performing work in security zones.


Huge technological breakthroughs have occurred in recent decades, and this has propelled engineering to a world of many new possibilities. That being said, basic materials remain the same.

Steel is still steel. Wood is still wood.

But, processing options and uses have increased. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of maximizing these opportunities to make your homes, structures, parts and tools always better looking, more durable, more efficient and better suited to your needs.


To maximize the potential of metals, by adapting, machining, manufacturing them to create parts and structures—single or large production—to be used for decorative, structural, mechanical and industrial purposes.


We’re problem solvers. We like to take on all kinds of challenges—on site or in our facilities—be it manufacturing, repairing, engineering or installing 100% metal-based products or a combination of wood, glass and metals.

Do you have an idea or a need? We have solutions and the motivation, tools, labour and expertise to achieve your vision.