Our services

You can explain your needs, the problem you need to solve or the product/service you are seeking. In response, we will submit a plan, strategy or idea, or create a work plan from your vision.

Concept Pro-Metal handles the conceptualization, manufacturing, repair and installation of metal parts and structures, not to mention welding—on site or in the factory—and structural modifications.

Whether you are an individual, a private company, an institution, a government or military agency, a general building contractor or a commercial space landlord/tenant, you can count on us to devote all our efforts, professionalism as well as expertise to find solutions tailored to meet all your needs.

Our services – overview

  1. Familiarization with the project
  2. Project analysis and need assessment
  3. Work plan proposal
  4. Approval of the proposal or strategic plan
  5. Measurements, drawings, approval
  6. Project completion
  7. Quality control and post-project follow-up

Mobile services (on site)

Thanks to our 6 complete and autonomous mobile units, we can install on-site any parts and structures we’ve built/designed for you.

We also have a mobile welding and repair shop, a backhoe, 5 trailers and a forklift, allowing us to perform repairs such as welding work in facilities with assembly lines and on access ramps, to mention just a couple of tasks.

Real estate

Whether a personal residence, commercial building, residential project or country cottage, we can build you a frame, support beams, kitchen countertops, stairs and much more.


With our security clearance, our 6 mobile units and our project management experience, we can modify structures—e.g., stairs or ramps—or build them for you, provide repairs on site, and support all your design and structure projects involving metals or metal amalgam, and with other materials such as wood or glass.


We can also implement the creation, optimization and solidification of a structure in a factory, or on a large-scale commercial construction site. In addition, we repair and manufacture parts and specialized structures, and can also design single or industrial parts as appropriate.