What makes us distinct

While some of the materials we work with are as old as the planet, we are resolutely turned toward the future, and we won’t let any technical or technological challenge stop us from providing the goods and services you need.

We are young, dynamic, experienced and attentive to your needs. We’re motivated and creative. Our goal is always the same: we’ll step up so you can achieve your vision.


Based on your vision or ideas, we can propose design drawings to engineer a part or structure that will meet your needs, customized as required.

Fabrication process

We have the infrastructure, personnel and expertise to fabricate parts and structures—large and small—of all kinds.

Repair work

We can repair your parts and/or structures in our facilities. Thanks to our mobile team, we can also go to you to provide repairs: construction site, factory, office, home, etc.


You can count on our team to install parts and/or structures that we’ve designed and manufactured for you, and for post-installation follow-up to ensure that all work has been carried out according to the highest standards in the industry.